Tuesday, September 22, 2009

United Nations and Elderact

We went to the United Nations with the Rotary Club!


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What you Can Do

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Current Programs

*Semper Fi Mothers assisted by Interact and Elderact members make video holiday cards and hot cocoa bags for troops overseas.
-Hear the Semer Fi song at:

*Holiday Gift Baskets are made by the members to give to a battered woman's shelter.

*Money was raised by members through the sale of lemonade to support the fight against childhood cancer

*Dog Biscuits were made and given to the SPCA

Purpose and Goal

The goal:

Is to provide outreach volunteer opportunities and resources for rsidents in senior living faciliteis so that they may once again contribute to the needs of the local, antional and international community at large.

Our Purpose:
Is to provide a supportive environment and interaction, so our elders cna realize that they can still remain vital and contribute to the community.

++++ MOTTO ++++ TRIBUTE *******

Our motto is:
"Giving and Giving again"
Rhonda Scott, past president of the Wappingers Elderact Club's Elderact Tribute:

Elderact Club is in action
Let the elderly shine forward
Do not give up on life
Enjoy living your life
Reach out and touch someone
Always believe in yourself
Celebrate life every day
Teach others to love and care

Come and go with the elderly
Love the elderly with your whole heart
United for a great cause
Believe in God and you can make it